Needle Felt Birds Tutorial - WAFFA BIRDS   #waffabird

Needle Felt these fun and whimsical fiber art birds and then share them in our group!


Needle felting bird legs can be a challenge, especially if your felted bird
has long legs or if you try to add the legs and feet to your bird after
it is felted. In this needle felting tutorial, Marie Spaulding 
teaches how to needle felt birds in a really fun and creative way.

You will learn how to make a needle felted bird with armature,
learn Marie's tips for making sure your bird legs will
stand, learn how to wrap wool on your bird legs,
and generally have fun with this tutorial
on the basics of needle felting a bird.

Since launching this tutorial, many of our friends 
have shared their needle felted birds #waffabird
in our group:
and on instagram #livingfelt,
we hope you will share your #waffabird too!

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