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Prefelt 19-26 microns

What is Prefelt? How do you use prefelt wool? and How do you make prefelt?

Prefelt is partially felted wool. The term "prefelt" may refer to prefelt wool batts, sheets or prefelt fabric and is created to make the layout of felting projects easier and faster.  It is more traditionally used in wet felting projects, but can certainly be used in needle felting as well. Prefelt can be cut into shapes and used as inlays in your surface design. Prefelts also provide a quick way to create a base layer for felting projects. Most commercial prefelts are created by lightly needle punching wool and other fibers such as silk on a  machine to compact and slightly interlock the fibers causing them to be "partially" felted. Prefelt is not "felt" yet because it is not fully "felted" and does not have the integrity of felt. As a result, it is best to felt it completely whether through further wet felting or needle felting.

We carry 100% Merino Prefelt fabric and 100% Wool Prefelt of a higher micron for slightly sturdier projects such as wall hangings that may be mounted without being matted and framed. 

If you are unsure which prefelt would be best for your project, give us a call, we will be happy to help!

If you are wanting to make your own prefelt, or even to get crisper lines in your surface design using prefelts, check out our youtube video channel.

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