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Needle Felting Foam

What makes our Earth Harmony Needle Felting Foam special?
With so many plusses, it's tough to decide where to begin! In short...it is made with bio-based materials which help us reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, and is a great alternative to petroleum based polyurethane foams. The bio materials used include soy and other products grown by U.S. Farmers, which is good for them, their families, and the economy! This foam is much denser than white and other gray petro-based foams which offers a very FIRM felting surface. The density comes from the improved cell structure and also enables it to hold up longer to needle pokes. The rich, grey color allows it to hold up longer than white foams that tend to age and yellow quickly when exposed to everyday light.

It is made without any harmful CFCs in the manufacturing process or alternative blowing agents and the process actually uses less energy than traditional foams. Living Felt Earth Harmony Needle Felting Foam does not contain fire retardant chemicals.
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