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MC-1 Felting Batts 25 microns

MC-1 Wool  for Needle Felting and Wet Felting

Our MC-1 Wool is processed into batts and is used by felt artists all over the world for their life-like colors, high quality, ease of  wet felting and needle felting and for the smooth, consistent end result that artists and hobbyists desire in their felted creations. 

MC-1 WOOL  Batting  is approx. 25 micron and  made in the USA from sheep raised and sheered on U.S. farms. MC-1 Wool comes in a wide range of colors, approximately 90 in all! It would be considered a medium fine fiber. It also has a short, crimpy staple. It can be wet felted or needle felted, and can achieve a smooth surface in either case.

Use this for the outside of a needle felted sculpture (see any of our needle felting videos on youtube, and is also great for wet felting such as pictures, vessels, slippers, etc. We think it is a bit too coarse for a scarf as it is not quite fine enough for "next to the skin"...except it does work well for felting slippers, booties and hats.

It is used quite often in felting 2D pictures and landscapes, both needle and wet felting) It really helps that there are so many life-like colors and it is very easy to blend to achieve different values, hues and shades.

*Please note our STUDIO PACKS are  in 3oz assortments = 6 colors of approximately .5oz each to make them even more affordable, and they are priced accordingly.

Our signature wool batting known as MC-1 comes from sheep raised on U.S. farms. It is carefully washed with an eco-friendly soap  and air dried. No harsh chemicals are used in this process, and our fiber is not "carbonized". It is then dyed professionally and prepared into large, lofty batts on a drum carder.

 If you needle felt animals, small sculptures or even pictures, you will love how smooth these felting wool batts will needle felt! They also wet felt like a dream and are great for felt paintings, purses, vessels, etc. Developed by a felter for felters - you will LOVE needle felting with our signature MC-1 Felting Wool Batts, available in more than 90 colors. 

  • Flesh or Skin Tone Wool MC-1 Flesh or Skin Tone Wool MC-1
    flesh colored felting wool, a beautiful range of skin tones for needle felting dolls and faces, or wet felting pictures.
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