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Reverse Felting Needle PULLS WOOL OUT!
Reverse Felting Needle PULLS WOOL OUT!

Felting Needles 38 REVERSE

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Part Number:Feltingneedles_Reverse_38
Highest Quality USA Steel Reverse Felting Needles:
Sold in packs of 3 Reverse Felting Needles
COLOR CODE: White = Reverse Felting Needles 38 Gauge. These unique Reverse Felting Needles pull wool out! Best to use when you actually WANT fuzzies! Great to use for making a colored muzzle on an animal, pulling a specific color to the surface or creating a fuzzy effect.

This Pack includes 3 Reverse Felting Needles
  • 38 gauge REVERSE FELTING NEEDLES -  for pulling wool

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