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NZ Corriedale Wool – Natural Medium
Undyed NZ Corriedale - lovely medium brown / gray heathered. Note: This color will vary from silvery gray brown to medium brown.

NZ Corriedale Wool – Natural Medium

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New Zealand NATURAL Corriedale (Roving)
NOTE: This is undyed, natural corriedale. It is beautiful. Color will vary from medium brownish silver, to medium brown. Picture shown is for example only. If you would like to know which way the current color is, please call us.  
  • Vibrant NZ Corriedale felting wool sliver, aka wool roving is wonderful for felting and needle felting. Each 1oz wool roving hank measures approx. 72 inches in length.New Zealand Corriedale is a favorite for wet felting, needle felting and spinning. Micron count: 33 – 26
  • Available from 1 OZ. Up

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