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Wet Felting Hat Kit - Wool Felt Beanie

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Wet Felting a Hat Kit: "Grab-n-Go Wool Felt Beanie"

Use this kit along with our free Video tutorial for this durable, yet light weight and oh so stylish wool felt beanie.
They are addicting to make....and everyone you know will want one :)  
This is a beginner friendly wet felting project that also a great gift! Learning to wet felt a simple hat is a great skill to have and really oh so easy! In this tutorial we will wet felt over an open resist, work work viscose fibers and merino top to wet felt this warm and cozy wool hat. You can make it in any colors you like, we call this our Grab-n-Go Beanie, because cause it is a no fuss, no muss, shove in your coat pocket, purse or glove box and make sure you are prepared on a chilly day.
Kit contains: 
  • Printed instructions and pattern 
  • Merino Top in 2 complimentary colors,  Viscose, Wool Nepps, and Sari Silk Waste
    *You will have plenty of fibers left over after making your hat. We are giving you extra wool in case you need it :)..If you use the same amount of wool as we did, you can MAKE TWO!

  • *Choose your main color theme and we will pair the embellishment fibers to compliment, or you can call us for custom colors

You will also need the THIN RESIST

Suggested wet felting items needed:
Pool noodle, closet pole
Bubble wrap 
Mesh fabric *Mesh available here
Clear Plastic
Olive oil soap or other non-sudsy hard milled soap *Olive oil soap available here
Old towels

Wet Felting a Hat: The Grab-n-Go Wool Felt Beanie

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