Valentines Felting Projects, Ideas and Tutorials

Valentine's Day is a great holiday for celebrating all types of relationships, and what better way to express your love and appreciation than with a thoughtful handmade gift? Whether you're creating for family, co-workers, teachers, or that special someone, these DIY projects will show how much you care. If you are just get started with wet felting or needle felting, these tutorials will help you felt up Valentine’s Treasures that will be cherished for years to come.

needle felt heart pin cushion jar

Let’s dive into a fun collection DIY and handmade Valentine's Day crafts with these beginner friendly felting projects. Wet felting and needle felting are versatile techniques that allow you to create unique, personalized gifts. From heartwarming family projects to thoughtful gestures for co-workers, teachers, and friends, these crafts are designed to inspire and spread love.

Projects and Tutorials: To get you started on your felting for your Valentines, we’re sharing a few ideas for of fun projects to make and the tutorials to make them below.

1.Needle Felt Heart Garlands & More: Craft colorful heart-shaped ornaments using easy needle felting techniques. In our 2024 Heart Strings tutorial, we will share a variety of projects you can make with our needle felted puffy hearts and by needle felting with cookie cutters. These make perfect gifts for family members, spreading love and warmth throughout your home. Check out our video for a quick intro to felting your own heart garlands, drawer sachets, pin cushions, ornaments and frame-worthy valentine gifts.

2.Teacher's Treasures: Express gratitude to your favorite teachers with personalized felted gifts. Create charming bookmarks and bookcorners with this easy felting project, You might also turn your puffy hearts into pencil toppers or use the cookie cutter method to add designs onto needle felt cozy mug cozies – thoughtful tokens that will make their days a little brighter with this tutorial.

3. Valentine’s Gifts & Friendship Fun: Need a special gift for your bestie? Celebrate friendship by make matching wrist cuffs with this wet felting tutorial. Or fill a jar with these delight felted fortune cookies filled little love notes from you. You can also craft up a one-of-a-kind greeting card with your left-over wet felt fabric scraps and some mixed media. While you’re at it, see more of our “scrap buster” projects for making the most of your handmade wet felt fabric.

This Valentine's Day, let your creativity shine with handmade felted crafts. Whether you're crafting for family, co-workers, teachers, or friends, these DIY projects are sure to leave a lasting impression. Explore our tutorials, gather your materials, and get ready to spread love and warmth with unique, heartfelt creations. Happy felting!


Free Video Tutorials for Wet Felting and Needle Felting Valentine's Gifts

We have gathered up a few favorite needle felting tutorials that will help you make great Valentine's and Galentine's gifts this year!
Some of the tutorials are for needle felting your heart felt gifts, and others are for wet felting, while even more include putting your scraps to work and adding hand stitching.
Check out these projects for and free videos for getting started felting your own Valentine's gifts.

In the description box on youtube for each video tutorial, you will find a link to supplies and kits for that specific project.
We also have add a fun collection of related supplies for a variety of Valentine's themed projects at the bottom of this page.
If you ever need help selecting felting supplies, kits or tools, we are help to help by phone or message via the Contact Us Page.

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