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Short Fiber Merino Batt – 19 Micron - Iris

$3.49 per oz. Sold in 4 oz increments
Part Number:MBSF-19_Iris
Short Fiber Merino Batts
  • Lovely 19 micron short fiber merino batts, wonderful for your wet felting, and nuno felting projects. Try this for your wet felted beads, jewelry and accessories. Fun to use for wet felting sculptural elements where a very tight finish is desired. 
  • Make test pieces if considering for wearables such as clothing, as short fibers tend to pill more readily than long fibers (more short ends to get roughed up)
  • Wet felts very fast
  • Batts will tear in very fine layers, batts are not as "uniform" as our MC-1 Batts, so expect "piecings".

  • 4oz increments 

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