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Print on inkjet, dissolve in water!
Print on inkjet, dissolve in water!

Paper Solvy 8.5 x 11 12pack

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Sulky Paper Solvy  8.5 x 11 sheets, 12 pack

Paper Solvy is a water soluble stabilizer.
We like to use these as an alternative to the iron on transfer pen and with fabrics that can be hand washed.
Try them for more intricate designs, especially with fine lines.

*Try felting needles size 38, 40 and 42.

Print your design on the paper using an inkjet printer.
Cut out your design leaving a border.
Pin the paper to your fabric
Needle felt through the paper.
Dissolve the paper in water.
Needle felt further if needed after the fabric dries.
If any paper residue is left that cannot be picked off, dissolve it in another water bath.
Press your fabric and finish as desired!

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