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04-28-2021 How to Card Wool for Felting: Drum Carder, Hand Carder & Blending Board

How To Card Wool for Felting
Drum Carder, Hand Carder & Blending Board

How to card wool for felting: drum carder, hand carders and blending board.
Blending wool gives you the opportunity to make beautiful batts to felt with.
You can use them for needle felting or wet felting, and of course nuno felting. (which we will do next week!)

In this show we will demonstrate: What does a drum carder do?
and How do you use a carding machine?
We will also show how you clean a drum carder.

Blending boards are another great well to blend wool and other fibers for felting and spinning.
We will show how to use a blending board, specifically,
we will show how to use the Ashford blending board.

Hand cards aka Hand carders are another option for blending wool and fibers for felting.
They are very easy to use and a great tool for blending smaller amounts of fiber at a time.
Today we will blend fibers on the hand carders as well.

If you would like a video on how to blend wool without hand carders or a drum carder,
check out this video where we hand blend wool for needle felting realistic animals to match their fur: