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Wet Felting Supplies Mesh Fabric 60"Wide
Excellent green mesh For Superior Wet Felting Results (Comes with one piece)

Wet Felting Supplies Mesh Fabric 60"Wide

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Wet Felting Mesh Fabric

60" Wide

  • Use this as a covering to your fibers in the wet felting process as a barrier between your hands and the wool. This will keep your fibers in place while allowing you to wet, soap and agitate your fibers for felting.
  • Choose your size (cut in half to create a top layer and bottom layer)

    1/2 YD is great for smaller projects (18" x 60")
    1 YD   36" x 60"
    2YD   72" x 60"  
  • Unless otherwise specified, ordering multiples of any size will result in you receive multiple cuts of that size

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