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Viscose Top - Eggplant

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Viscose Top  (aka sliver) -  Dyed
  • Fine Viscose Fiber combed top -- Professionally Dyed
  • 1 oz bag of Viscose adds sheen and interesting to your felting and spinning projects
    This will make a lovely addition to felting projects, for spinning and for doll hair
  • Like Bamboo fiber, viscose is often used as a substitute to silk. Although it is a cellulose based product, it is highly processed to create this fine, lustrous fiber used in textiles, and as a result,  like bamboo it is considered a man-made fiber. 
  • Add this to your luster fiber collection and let the sheen shine on!

These viscose fibers have been professionally dyed to perfection. Each color is very uniform and the fiber is gorgeous in person!


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