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Unity Felt Mural in a Box

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Special pricing for Schools, Churches, and Non-Profit Groups

UNITY FELT - a way to bring people and groups together through meaningful art.
We propose giving your group a theme to create on -- such as PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, FRIENDSHIP, COMMUNITY
and TOGETHERNESS....but you can choose any topic you like!
The murals are designed to have interchangeable parts....you may be surprised at how they come together!
Our very first participant was a Middle School making 6 murals by 6 classes of almost 200 students. Since the outer circle has 6 segments, each circle could have an outer ring comprised of works of art from each class!

* you might like to partner with other groups, classes, schools or organizations in your area of interest and get them to make murals as well! Then you each can exchange a mural piece and experience how easy it is to come together in beautiful and meaningful ways...as individuals and as communities.


- Printed Pattern for Unity Felt Art work and mounting boards    
- 6oz of MC-1 Wool Felting Batts in an assortment 12 or more colors
- 25 pack of 38T  Felting Needles
- **bonus +10 extra needles to help offset breakage   
- Instructions for assembling your mural 
- Editable nameplates to note event/artists for each segment (via download)

*For groups of 2-4 people working on each segment, we suggest getting our 10x7 foam pads, see our bulk packs here.
Please note -- the 25 pack comes in 2 boxes. We have further discounted the foam to help with shipping costs, rates are set by USPS.

*For individuals, our 5x5 foam pad may also be suitable  25-pack or 50-pack  (the felt would need to be moved as they are longer than 5")

*You will need to provide: Glue for mounting felt onto cardboard, Display/Mounting Board such as foam core, hook&loop strips such as 3M or Velcro for mounting segments onto display board.

To Launch this project, Living Felt sponsored 7 murals with the intention of sponsoring up to 10 in the first year.
That means this is designed to be a PAY IT FORWARD program.

If your school/group/church can afford to pay for the mural, your funds will be PAID FORWARD to another school/group/church.
*We hope we can continue this cycle. If you want to participate but cannot afford to pay, please call us to inquire whether we have any projects already funded.

See our other Teacher packs for greater discounts and quantities! Have fun felting!!

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