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Uniquely Felt

Uniquely Felt

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Uniquely Felt
Author: Christine White

ISBN: 9781580176736
Cover: soft

*LIVING FELT -- We highly recommend this book for an overall guide to wet felting techniques, including nuno felting, creating patterns, etc.

The possibilities in a loose pile of wool fibers are endless. Add water and a little soap and you will be amazed at the ease with which you can create a pretty picnic blanket or simple placemats. Get to know the properties of the wool better and you can coax it into a seamless pillow cover or handbag. Apply nuno or cobwebbing techniques to create fabulous scarves, shawls, and curtains.

Uniquely Felt is the ultimate guide for every crafter drawn to the magical interplay of wool, water, and human hands. Christine White describes the equipment, explores the concepts and theories of felting, and thoroughly explains all the techniques - traditional, needle, 3-D seamless, hung, cobweb, carved, and Beede ball. Forty-eight fabulous projects offer something for every fiber artist.

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