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Tussah Silk - Goody Bag

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Tussah Silk Top -  Goody Bag
 *Felter's Special Introductory Offer ... We are not sure how long we will offer this pack!
  • Lovely Assortment of  Fine Tussah Silk combed top -- Professionally Dyed
  • 9 Divine Colors in 1 bag of Premium Silk Top (aka "sliver")
  • Approximately 1/4 oz per color, bags are pre-packed assortments and colors may vary, but will represent a nice selection of colors.

    This will make a lovely addition to felting projects, for spinning and for doll hair

Tussah Silk Top is a natural fiber that is wild cultivated. While mulberry silk is from silk worms bred in captivity and fed only mulberry leaves, tussah silk is more natural in color and texture as the silk worms are able to source their own food.

Tussah Silk blends well with Merino Top and can add beauty and luster to your felting  and nuno felt projects. Silk does not felt, but you can anchor it down with wool while felting.

Tussah Silk is very soft and these fibers have been professionally dyed to perfection. Each color is very uniform and the fiber is gorgeous in person!


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