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Cultivated Silk Hankies
Cultivated Silk Hankies

Silk Hankies (Mawata) - Undyed

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Silk Hankies (Mawata)
  • Fine, natural silk hankies for felting 1/4 oz  of Premium Stretched Silk Squares
  • Use for a lustrous sheen on your wet felted projects
  • These are fun to dye (even with Kool-Aid) in your microwave...but our Colorhue dyes or Acid dyes work beautifully!!
  • Spin them or even knit them unspun!

What are Silk Hankies?
Silk hankies, also referred to as Mawata, are silk cocoons that have been degummed, the pupae removed and the fiber stretched onto a square frame. These are processed by hand, one square at time.

They are natural Mulberry silk with a beautiful sheen!


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