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Sheep's Locks - Teeswater - Bernie

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Natural Brown Sheep's Curly Locks  - 1/2oz
This soft fleece is from Bernie. The lock is very short, soft and with sun-kissed tips.
These are good for very small gnomes, short hair or fur on animals
Great sheen. Hand Washed, Undyed
  • 1/2 oz bag of long, hand washed locks
  • Staple length average 2", very short
  •    Color is variegated and natural
  • Raised on a loving farm in the USA
  • Great curls for gnome beards, doll hair and animal fur
These premium locks are carefully , hand washed and hand dyed.  Teeswater locks make gorgeous doll hair, doll beards, curls and surface design in your felting projects. If you spin, they will spin up great!
Please note: All locks may contain some vegetable matter, but these have very little.

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