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Palm Washboard Felting Tool

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Palm Washboard Wet Felting and Nuno Felting Tool 

This is the Original Palm Washboard is for wet felting scarves, shawls, and other flat items.
The palm washboard greatly reduces the amount of time and energy needed to "roll" your wet and nuno felt projects.

How We Use It:
1) Wet out your project with soapy water using a ball brause or other method.
2) PRESS water and soap through your project with hands and sponge.
3) Gently massage/glide your hands across the project to form a light skin of the surface fibers
4) Glide your palm washboard methodically across your project in a few passes until fibers start to migrate.
5) You can change to rolling or keep using the palm washboard -- depending on your project needs.

People love how easy it is on the body and hands compared to rolling!

All Palm Washboards are made of native hard woods, turned on a lathe, and finished with three coats of epoxy finish.
Made in the USA

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