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PF-X  Living Felt Big Fat Prefelt Batts!
PF-X Living Felt Big Fat Prefelt Batts!

PF-X Prefelt Wool Batt 26 Micron

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Prefelt Wool Batt  
PF-X The Big Fat Prefelt Batt is thick and lofty!   100%  USA Wool   

It is a great prefelt wool canvas for needle felting or wet felting. Try it as a base for needle felted pictures or for wet felting pictures and projects.
Use it as the "core" to make a stiff foundation or canvas for wet felting projects such as wall hangings, pictures and felted landscapes. Approximately 26 micron.

We call it PF-X: "PF" for Prefelt  and "X" for a great cross blend of sheep's wool; we have specially sourced this fiber for its wonderful felting quality. It does contain visible vegetable matter so it is not designed as a top layer. Cut it to your desired size!  We know you are going to love it as much as we do!

Made in the U.S.A. from happy sheep raised on U.S. Farms. Clean Wool, Farm-Fresh.

Available Sizes
1/4 Sheet:   20" x 20"  (at least) most are 21" - 22"
Two cut edges and 2 "natural" edges. *If you order a quantity of two 1/4 Sheets, you will receive two at this size.

1/2 Sheet:   40" x 20" (at least)  Most are 42"-44" x 21"-22" 
One cut edge  *If you order a quantity of two 1/2 Sheets, you will receive two at this size.

Full Sheet:  40" x 40"  (at least) Most are 42"+ square 
All edges "natural"
Approximately 7/16 of an inch or 7-10mm thick. This is not fully felted, this batt is in the prefelt stage. Living Felt PF-X Big Fat Prefelt Batts are created with a needle felting process and are not wet felted. Also referred to as pre-punched felt or punched felt batts.

Off White / Aged White / Undyed / Unbleached / Natural.

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