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Nuno Felting Kit: Scarf, Cowl, Head Warmer - Beginner Friendly Nuno Felting Kit

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Nuno Felt Scarf / Cowl / Head warmer Kit


Use this kit along with our free Video tutorial for this fun and versatile nuno felt cowl.
These wet felted cowls double as a head warmer and will be desired by all of your friends and family!
This project has been very popular as it is beginner friendly, but fun for more experienced felters/
They are quick and easy to make, and make great gifts!  If you are doing shows/craft fairs, add some to your mix in the cooler months!

You can also use this kit to make a nuno felt scarf! If you want to make both, pick up an extra scarf or choose some silk fabric.

Kit contains: 
  • Printed instructions and pattern for making your own gorgeous cowl / head warmer AND our original print instructions for nuno felting a scarf
  • Merino Top, Silk Hankies, Sari Silk Waste, Viscose in the colors shown. If we are out of an item, we may substitute within the same color scheme.
  • A beautiful dyed silk gauze scarf to match your color choices.

With the COWL option, you will have fiber left over, and if you follow the same amount of fiber and silk we used, you can MAKE TWO with this kit!

To make the cowl, will also need the THIN RESIST

**You may  want to bring your own up-cycled silks in a variety of patterns for this project, as demonstrated in the video.

Suggested wet felting items needed:
Pool noodle, closet pole
Bubble wrap 
Mesh fabric
Clear Plastic
Olive oil soap or other non-sudsy hard milled soap
Old towels
Ball Brause and/or Sponge

Nuno Felt Cowl Head Warmer Tutorial

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