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Needle Felting a Santa Claus or Granny Claus

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Needle Felt Clothes
Wet Felt Clothes
List two Colors of MC-1 (Only for Needle Felt Clothing Option)

Needle Felting a Santa Claus or Granny Claus Kit -- Supplies for our FREE Tutorial 
*You can create a Santa Claus or Granny Claus from our free video series with this kit.
In the video, Marie needle felted all of the clothes for Santa, and wet felted the clothes for Granny Claus, you can also needle felt clothes for your Mrs. Claus if desired.
Choose MC-1 Batting below for needle felting clothes, -- you can specify two colors of your choice.
To wet felt the bloomers and house coat for Mrs. Claus, choose the Wet Felting Option -- which will come with   Short Fiber Merino Batts in White and Bordeaux (2oz each) for clothes.

If you want to felt a doll other than Santa or Granny Clothes, See our Needle Felting a Doll Kit here.

The base kit Includes: 
  • 1oz Santa Locks for Hair, Beard, Mustache, Eyebrows (these will be based on current stock of white locks)
  • 2oz MC-1 Batting for Skin tone (your choice) 
  • Approx. 1/2 oz each MC-1 in Black Onyx, Cotton White and Spruce
  • 8oz CW-1 Core Wool Roving or Batting (if roving is not available)
  • 12 count Chenille Stems assorted colors
  • Wire armature 12g, 10ft 
  • Wire armature 14g, 10ft 
  • Wire armature 18g, 12 pack 
  • Wire armature 22g, 25ft
  • +free bonuses: facial detail pack, floral tape, wooden skewer PLUS Felting Needles: (36T, 38T, 40T, 42T) .

Skin tone = choose from our MC-1 Batting for skin tone colors, we have listed the most popular skin tones in the drop down menu.
If that does not work for you, choose one and name your preferred color in your order comments.

Needle Felt Clothes = your choice of two colors in our MC-1 Batting. Please list the specific color names.
In our needle felted Santa, we used Pale Peach for the skin tone, Vintage Brown for shoes, Mahogany for his pants and suspenders.
You might also consider: True Red, Vintage Red, Chimney, Evergreen, Charocoal, Storm
(remember you will receive 1/2oz each of Black, Cotton and Spruce Green in the base kit)

Wet Felt Clothes = choose this option if you want to wet felt the bloomers for Mrs. Claus using the White and Bordeaux as shown on our model doll.
The minimum increment of this fiber available for purchase is 4oz, so other than this pre-packaged option, we do not have additional color choices for the wet felted clothing.
*This option will also include a half sheet of rigid cardboard as was used to make the house slippers for our needle felted Granny Claus.
(remember you will receive 1/2 oz each of Black, Cotton and Spruce Green in the base kit, and you may choose to use one of those colors for her slippers)

Watch the Free Tutorials Here

*please note, there are no written instructions provided with this kit. 
We have created 7 detailed videos to help you needle felt dolls step by step.

You will learn:
How to build an armature
How to wrap wool like a boss!
How to needle felt the under body
How to needle felt faces, eyes, ears, lips, noses
How to color the cheeks and lips
How to needle felt hair, beards, mustaches, and eyebrows
How to felt strong, lovely doll hands with fingers that hold things
How to needle felting clothing and shoes
How to wet felt clothing for your dolls over a resist

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