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Needle Felting Workshop - Realistic Birds with Open Wings

Needle Felting Workshop - Realistic Birds with Open Wings

Class is full, call to get on waitlist
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Needle Felting Workshop: Realistic Birds with Kiyoshi Mino  -- Class is full, call to get on waitlist

Learn how to needle felt realistic birds with open wings, come spend 3-days learning from the very talented Kiyoshi Mino

Call us with questions 1- 877-665-5790

Date:          AUG 16TH-18TH, 2018
Time:         THUR, FRI, SAT  9am - 4pm

  Beginner to Intermediate
Location:  LIVING FELT  14121 W. Hwy 290, Bldg 2A   Austin, TX 78737
Materials Fee: $0 
Includes all supplies for this class plus use of shop needles, foam and tools.
Students may purchase additional fibers, and supplies from the shop if desired.
Needle Felting Realistic Realistic Birds with Open Wings Workshop

In this class students will learn to sculpt a small bird with open wings using felting needle, wool and steel wire armature.  I will provide models at various stages of completion for students to reference: such as the completed bird, wire armature, and core body without color layer or feathers.  In addition, during my workshops I try to work along with the students at every stage of the process so that they can observe my technique.  

 Skills that students will learn:

-Application of basic anatomy in sculpture

-Planning and constructing a wire armature for a bird and open wing

-Sculpting complex 3-dimensional shapes using wool and felting needle

-Use of merino wool for outer detailing and feathers

-Creating expressive eyes and faces

-"Drawing" with wool and felting needle to create complex 2-dimensional feather patterns

-Creating individual feathers using wool and felting needle

-Creating realistic bird wings using individual feathers 

What to Bring:
  • Students should bring  a notebook  and pen
  • Lunch - we can order out, or you can bring your own.
    We have a fridge and toaster oven (no microwave).

General Info Including Travel & Accommodations

(or feel free to give us a call!  Toll Free: 877-665-5790)

For this workshop students may choose one of three birds:
Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Indigo Bunting, Vermilion Flycatcher

Kiyoshi Mino is a needle felt artist based in the US. You may have seem some of his amazing felted sculptures online or on youtube.

"For the last six years my wife and I had been running a small organic farm We attended a year long farmer training program before trying to start our own farm and it was there that I first learned about needle felting. I immediately fell in love with it. I loved to draw as a kid but had never tried any form of sculpture before. It was very exciting to me to be able to draw in three dimensions with nothing but a needle and a clump of wool. I have always loved animals of all kinds and because wool is a type of animal fur itself, it is the perfect medium for realistically sculpting fur and bird feathers. In my work I focus on wild animal species which I try to render as faithfully as possible. I believe that almost all animals have unique personalities and emotional complexity just like humans and my goal when depicting wild animals is to try and convey this idea by capturing these unique personalities.

I have given workshops internationally in Shanghai, Chile and the Netherlands. My work has been exhibited in Shanghai and in New York City and featured in inhabitat.com, coolhunting.com, Fast Company Design, and New York Magazine."

You can see more of his work at kiyoshimino.blogspot.com and on instagram.com/kiyoshiminofelt 

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