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Needle Felting: Monarch Butterfly Picture PDF

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Needle Felting Monarch Butterfly PDF DOWNLOAD - Painting with Wool This is a perfect beginner needle felting project! Learn how to use a photo as a guide for needle felting a picture, learn how to blend wool to create new colors, learn how to needle felt a 2d picture. * Step-by-step instructions for needle felting the butterfly For our needle felted butterfly picture we used: * MC-1 felting batts = all the wool needed for this picture. * 5 x 5 Earth Harmony Foam Pad * 38 gauge felting needle and 42T felting needle * 100% Wool Felt sheet * Two drawings of the butterfly are also included - you can do an image transfer using an iron on transfer pen, or use your preferred method of image transfer, or free hand cut it out and create a pin, magnet, or add to your picture to make it even more complete.

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