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MC-1™ Merino Cross Batt – Sand
LIVING FELT BRAND MC-1™ Merino Cross Batts

MC-1™ Merino Cross Batt – Sand

$3.49 per oz. Sold in 2 oz increments
Part Number:MC1_SAND
LIVING FELT BRAND MC-1™     Merino Cross Batts  *PREVIOUSLY called "flesh tone"
  • 100% Wool FELTING FIBER- These lovely merino cross felting wool batts lay out fast and felt fast. Perfect for needle felting and wet felting. Most wool colors have a slightly  "heathered" or “variegated” look which adds depth and interest to your felting and needle felting projects.

  • A one pound batt of the MC-1™ is approximately 36" x 45", thick and lofty.

  • These batts are gorgeous in color and uniform in texture. They needle felt beautifully and will make a nice felt that is sturdy and strong.
*Sourced and Made in the U.S.A. The wool in our MC-1 Batts are from sheep raised on U.S. Farms, supporting the American farmer.

BIO-PROCESSED: This Living Felt wool was processed and washed using a bio-degradable Eco-Friendly GREEN soap and green process. NO harsh chemicals are used, and the wool is not carbonized. Small amounts of vegetable matter in the wool is common and to be expected.

MC-1 EARTH TONES From top center clockwise: Dark Chocolate, Willow, Birch, Pecan, Caramel, Driftwood, Cafe Au Lait, Mahogany, Cinnamon Brown, Vintage Brown
Inner Circle Top Center: Latte, Espresso Bean, Oatmeal, Clay, Linen, Flesh Tone (very center)

This image represents the colors in our Earth Tones Family so you can see the variance between the colors.

Our most popular colors for SKIN TONES are: Linen (very fair), Sand (Caucasian), Latte, Clay and Espresso. Other shades and blends are great for detail, defining lines and accents.

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