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LIVING FELT BRAND MC-1™  Merino Cross Batts
LIVING FELT BRAND MC-1™ Merino Cross Batts

MC-1™ Merino Cross Batt – Mandarine

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100% Wool FELTING FIBER- These lovely merino cross felting wool batts lay out fast and felt fast. Perfect for needle felting and wet felting. Some colors are solid while others wool felting batts have a slightly  "heathered" or “variegated” look which adds depth and interest to your felting and needle felting projects.

•A one pound batt of the MC-1™ is approximatey 36" x 45", thick and lofty.
•These batts are gorgeous in color and uniform in texture. They needle felt beautifully and will make a nice felt that is sturdy and strong.
felting and needle felting wool mc-1 batts summer hot tones
From Top Center Clockwise:  Lemon, Honeysuckle, Mango, Orange Creme, Mandarine, Hot Orange, Red Grapefruit, Rose Petal, Buttercup
Inner Circle: True Red (all three rolls)



*Sourced and Made in the U.S.A. The wool in our MC-1 Batts are from sheep raised on U.S. Farms, supporting the American farmer.

BIO-PROCESSED: This Living Felt wool was processed and washed using a bio-degradable Eco-Friendly GREEN soap and green process. NO harsh chemicals are used, and the wool is not carbonized . Small amounts of vegetable matter in the wool is common and to be expected.

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