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MC-1™ Goody Bag
Merino Cross Fast Felting Batts, Superb for Needle Felting and Wet Felting

MC-1™ Goody Bag

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Goody Fun Pack 
  • 100% Wool FELTING FIBER- These lovely merino cross felting wool batts lay out fast and felt fast. Perfect for needle felting and wet felting. Most wool colors have a "heathered" or variegated  look which adds depth and interest to your felting  and needle felting projects.
Colors vary often: Picture is for example only.Goody Fun Pack contains 12 assorted colors totalling 3 oz. Generally we try to send two color swatches from each family of colors, unrolled. Berries, Summer, Earth, Blues, Greens, Monochrome, etc. giving you a lovely assortment sample to experiment with! Sometimes you get more of one than the other but it is ALWAYS a fun pack! Great way to get to know some of our colors!

Note: Large, oversized or bulk orders of 50 pieces or more may be subject to alterations, substitutions or limited color choices (less than 12). Additional shipping fees may be required after checkout for all large, oversize or bulk orders of 50 pieces or more. 

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