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Sport your LF BFF Tribe Window Decal :)
Sport your LF BFF Tribe Window Decal :)

LF Temporary TatToo - PINK

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Living Felt Temporary TatoTos!

You are never too old for a temporary tatToo! We give away a lot of these, but if you want to order more...you can do that too :)
Show off your BFF Tribe Connection with this fun temporary tatoo.

size = approx 2" x 2" 

apply to clean, dry skin
place tattoo face down
press backing with damp cloth
leave in place 60 seconds
peel off paper
allow to dry ... do not touch
to dull/set the tattoo, apply non greasy lotion on top...dust with powder to dull

To Remove -- 
use an oil based cleanser, coconut oil, body scrub or hydrogen peroxide

Made in the USA

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