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Savon De Marseille Cube Or Handcut Rectangle
Savon De Marseille Cube Or Handcut Rectangle

French Olive Oil Soap For Wet Felting - Wet Felting Supplies

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Pure Imported French Olive Oil Soap - In stock and ready to ship!!
  • The worlds finest imported French Olive Oil soap for superb Wet Felting Success.
  • Authentic Marseille Soap is stamped with its weight in grams (300g)- a practice left over from years ago which allowed households to compare prices and plan their inventories. This gram weight is the weight of the soap "frais," or fresh, in the factory. The soap will lose weight as it is imported and loses moisture. Volume is the same, final weight may be closer to (255 g)
  • made exclusively from plant-based oils, without chemical additives, preservatives, fragrance or animal fat
  • made with only four ingredients: natural vegetable oil, soda, salt, and fresh water
  • hypoallergenic (which means it’s ideal for sensitive skin), biodegradable
  • made following the 150+ year old Marseille process, in France

    *the soap does have an aroma as a result of the vegetable oils, but it is not a chemical fragrance

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