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Superb Quality Barbed felting needle, U.S. Steel
Superb Quality Barbed felting needle, U.S. Steel

Felting Needles SUPER Variety Pack - Every 'Flavor' Felting Needle

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Highest Quality  Color Coded Felting Needles:
We CUSTOM COLOR our felting needles to make it easier for you to be sure you grab the right needle for the job! ENJOY!

This SUPER Variety Pack of Felting Needles includes 3 of each size needle:
  • 32 Triangle BLUE - very coarse, will needle felt very firm and even rock hard!
  • 36 Triangle PINK - coarse work, very firm needle felting
  • 36 Reverse ALMOND - pulls more wool out! Great for fuzzy finish
  • 38 Triangle PLAIN - general sculpting, great for classes
  • 38 Star PLAIN - faster than the 38 Triangle
  • 38 Spiral PLAIN - comparable to 38Star needle but faster, twists as you poke!
  • 38 gauge Reverse WHITE - pulls wool out
  • 40 Triangle GREEN - fine, detail work
  • 40 Spiral PURPLE - fine, great for refining and finishing
  • 42 Triangle YELLOW - very fine, for finishing and refining and shallow works (poke at a shallow depth)

    **All variety packs are color coded as stated and not available unpainted

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