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Felting Class Pack 100: Needle Felting Tools

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Green Soy (Add $27)
Felting Class Pack # 100  - Needle Felting TOOLS

(10)   Needle Foam Pads in the size of your choice:  5x5, 10X7 or  8x10 Green Soy Felting Mat

(10)   Variety Packs of Color Coded Felting Needles

(10)   Doll Needles
(10)   Wooden Skewers
(100) Chenille Stems
(10)   Instruction Sheets for your students on 3D needle felting building blocks
 (+)    Project Tutorials for teacher to use in class or as idea starters / examples of "how to" needle felt shapes and objects
This is a fantastic starter pack for Needle Felting Teachers / Workshops who are supplying their own wool.
This pack fully supplies up to 10 people with our highest quality, best selling and most popular needle felting supplies.
This Pack Saves $44.00!
Discount class packs are great for teachers, schools and workshops!
See our other Class Packs for great assortments and savings! 
For larger volumes of needle felting foam and needles, see our WHOLESALE FOAM & NEEDLES section.
Thank you for teaching and sharing!!

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