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Felted Cat Cave Kit

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Kit Comes with Accent Color of Charcoal Gray or enter your Choice from our MC-1 Felting Batts

Wet Felting a Cat Cave KIT or Felt a Large Vessel Kit
We will take you step by step through this project! A fun tutorial for felting a cat cave or large vessel!

Learn how to make a cave for your pet! Our cat cave had a fun "relief" design, and a built in toy for kitty to bat around. Cats love to flick things on the floor, and this double tail on the back will be fun to play with.

Complete Kit Includes:
Two (2)  8oz bundles of CW-1 Core Wool
2 oz MC-1 Wool in Charcoal Gray (or color of your choice)
.5 oz Merino Top in matching/complementary color
.5 oz Merino Top in White
Resist Material (Double Wide)
Wet Felting Mesh 30" x 60"
Color Printed Instructions

*optional, consider adding more MC-1 Wool for decoration or as a color layer. This kit makes an off white vessel as shown.

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