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Felt-A-Long LIVE Felting Tutorials

Join us for LIVE felt-a-longs!

In this section, we will post upcoming and "current" felt-a-longs. These will be LIVE felting tutorials that you can felt right along with us. 

Some projects will be one live broadcast, and some will require multiple broadcasts (such as our needle felting a doll workshop). After a tutorial series is "complete", the video will be available under the tutorials section, and potentially on youtube, facebook, etc.

Free video felting tutorials are viewable online. If it also has an "add to cart" button, that action will send you a link to download accompanying PDFs, such as supplies list, ifnformation about the videos in the series, etc.

Needle Felting Dolls with Marie Spaulding 

Starts:  Friday July 13th, running 4-5 weeks as needed to finish
Time:  12:30 pm - 2:00 or 2:30 pm  Central * time to demo plus Q&A as needed
Where:   fb.com/livingfelt   *broadcasting live (videos will be recorded for later viewing)
*to have fb remind you of the event, register here: 

Needle Felting a Doll with Marie is by far our MOST REQUESTED tutorial. 
Bring your imagination, open mind and sense of fun...and we will guide you to creating your own one-of-a-kind needle felted doll in this free tutorial.

*Don't worry if you cannot catch every live show, if you are "starting" late, if you don't have supplies yet, or even if you don't have a doll in mind. This is a GO AT YOUR OWN PACE, and discover as you go process. It will be fun, and adventurous. Marie will break it down into easy steps that anyone can do ... and there is no rush to finish, the most important thing is to ENJOY THE PROCESS.

We have never offered this "live" via the web, only in-person...so this is the plan:

CREATING THE ARMATURE - options, considerations, how to
BUILDING THE UNDER BODY - why FIRM is so important, shaping your doll

FELTING THE HANDS - creating hands that can HOLD things, and that hold up

CREATING THE HEAD & FACE  - modeling & expressions, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
HAIR STYLES, BEARDS & MUSTACHES - getting beyond locks, applying properly

NEEDLE FELTING CLOTHES - fun ways to get layered looks
WET FELTING CLOTHES...creating patterns, resists, etc.


*Rather than felt "a particular doll", we will teach you how to felt DOLLS, by sharing basic building blocks and fundamentals. You can make any type of doll you like, a character doll, a fantasy doll, a realistic doll, a simple doll...even an art doll with found objects.  Your imagination, creativity and sense of adventure will make your doll uniquely your own!

Below are a few examples of Marie's dolls

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