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Eco Printing Workshop - Eco Print on Wool Felt and Silk

Eco Printing Workshop - Eco Print on Wool Felt and Silk

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Eco Printing Workshop: with Dawn Edwards of Felt So Right

Call us with questions 1- 877-665-5790

Date:          July 27, 2017
Time:         FRI & SAT   9am - 4pm 

  Beginner to Intermediate
Location:  LIVING FELT  14121 W. Hwy 290, Bldg 2A   Austin, TX 78737
Materials Fee: $10 to instructor
Free habotai or chiffon yardage provided by shop, hemmed habotai and chiffon scarves also available.
Students may purchase silk scarves or yardage and felt yardage from the shop.
Students may bring silk fabrics and felted object(s) to print onto.
*See workshop calendar if you wish to come felt an item before this class with the intent of eco-printing it.
Eco-Printing - Combining Felt and Nature
If you are not familiar with eco-printing, also known as botanical printing, it quite simply refers to leaves and plant matter that print when bundled and simmered for a period of time. Eco-printing differs from ‘natural dyeing’…while both use natural plant materials, natural dyeing more commonly results in a fabric being dyed in one particular color. With eco-printing, you will actually see the wonderful leaf prints on your piece. Eco-printing is gaining in popularity all around the world…Come and find out why.

Using simple, natural plant materials, we will transform our felt through the extraction of color using eco-dyeing techniques, a method discovered by Textile Artist India Flint. Dawn will bring along a selection of eco-printed samples for participants to study and she’ll explain how she achieved the results. We’ll discuss bundling methods and then we’ll move on to wrapping our own felt bundles. Once wrapped, the bundles will be heated for several hours to aid the release of colors from the leaf matter.

As, this is an introduction to eco-printing in a condensed format, our focus will be printing on felt. After our felt pieces go into the pot and while our bundles are simmering, you may wish to bundle a couple of undyed silk or silk/wool blend scarves (heavier weight silks, such as Habotai, print better than lighter weight silks). If we have enough pots/burners to accommodate all of the bundles, we’ll add these pieces to the pot, and if not, you will be able to take your bundles home to continue your experimentation. We will keep printing until the time and pot space runs out.

Note from Dawn: Please remember, only protein fibers will be suitable for this workshop (silk and wool both being protein fibers). Cotton/linen, etc. are cellulose fibers and require a different approach, so won’t work for this process.

What to Bring:

  • A notebook
  • Lunch - we can order out, or you can bring your own.
    We have a fridge and toaster oven (no microwave).
  • Undyed pre-made felt or nuno-felt scarves*: small felt vessels, small felt bags…Whatever you wish to have eco-printed (we won’t have room in the pots to add large items such as felt garments and the like).

    Only undyed felt, nuno-felt, and heavier weight silk (such as Habotai) or wool/silk blends please. We will not be making items to be printed in this workshop due to time restrictions.

  • An assortment of leaves. Some of my favorite leaves, in addition to the Eucalyptus, for printing:Rose leaves – Either from your garden or from the florist if they're not available locally.
    Oak Leaves
    Maple Leaves
    Catalpa Leaves
    Geranium Leaves
    Sumac (rhus typhina) Leaves
    Black Walnut Leaves

    Onion skins - We cannot have enough of the papery outer skins to add to our dye pot, any color is good but brown is best!!! Start collecting these from now on…it's impossible to stress how important it is to have the tougher outer skins to use.

  • Gallon jug of white vinegar. Some will be for your use and some for our dye pots. - shop will supply
  • Plastic bucket - shop will supply
  • Rubber gloves - consider chemical gloves as heat barriers
  • Scissors to cut string -  - shop will supply or you can bring yours
  • An old towel  - shop will supply for those flying in
  • Eucalyptus leaves. I like these varieties: Silver Dollar, Seeded Eucalyptus, Cinera, and Willow….your local florist can let you know what might be available….this varies by area of the country and time of year. Note from Dawn: Contact the florist in advance to let them know when you will be needing this as they may need to preorder for you. If you have a Trader Joe’s, they have the best prices for Eucalyptus (approx. $3/bundle).

General Info Including Travel & Accommodations

(or feel free to give us a call!  Toll Free: 877-665-5790)

About the Instructor:

Dawn Edwards is a fiber artist specializing in exceptional, fun, out-of-the ordinary felt hats. She lives and works from her home studio in Plainwell, MI, and sells her work under the name of Felt So Right through specialty retail, boutique and gallery shops in several states within the United States.

Dawn has studied felt-making with several renowned fiber artists and felt-makers from around the world. Her felt works have appeared in exhibitions, art shows, magazines and books. Dawn is a juried member artist in the gallery shops of the prestigious Textile Center, Minneapolis, MN, and the Pacific Northwest School of Art, Coupeville, WA, and a member of the Signature Gallery, Kalamazoo, MI.

 Her love of color, texture, and beauty in everyday life, have led to artistic expression through many creative endeavors including stained glass and pottery, and finally to a medium where she is able to incorporate many of those techniques into her felt-making. You may see some of the wonderful textural and sculptural images found in pottery, or the beautiful color ways noted in stained glass.

Dawn's beaded felt cloche won the 2014 international "Mad Hatters" competition, judged by world renowned milliner, Arturo Rios.

Dawn  has several of her felt creations featured in the book, 1000 Artisan Textiles: 
Contemporary Fiber Art, Quilts, and Wearables by Sandra Salamony and Gina M. Brown. 1000 Artisan Textiles may be found at your local bookstore, Amazon.com or Quarrybooks.com.

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