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Dyed Wool Locks - Fun Bunch 4oz Packs

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Dyed Curly Wool Locks - Fun Bunch 

  • Great fun for adding color and texture to your felting projects.
    Needle felt them into place, or wet felt them into your work.
  • Great for teachers and classes! 
  • Specially discounted for use in schools
  • Sold in bags of 4oz, 8oz and 16oz   select desired size for price 
  • Wool is dyed in solid colors, each bag contains a variety of colors
  • Un-carded wool fleece still in the "lock" from various breeds of sheep -- lock structure varies
  • These are GREAT for adding texture to landscapes such as flowers, bushes, water, etc. and also fun for doll hair
  • Very low vegetable matter (vm)
  • The curl structure is wavy to loose
  • Staple length may vary  3" -7"

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