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Dyed Curly Locks - Tulip - 1oz

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Dyed Curly Wool Locks - Tulip

  • Great fun for adding color and texture to your felting projects.
    Needle felt them into place, or wet felt them into your work.
  • 1 oz bag of dyed wool locks
  • Un-carded wool fleece still in the "lock" from various breeds of sheep -- lock structure and staple length varies
  • These are GREAT for adding texture to landscapes such as flowers, bushes, water, etc. and also fun for doll hair
  • Very low vegetable matter (vm)
  • Lovely curl, staple length and curl structure varies because we mix flocks and breeds in these assortment
  • Direct Trade = Enjoy wonderful locks from our friends = USA FARMS with lovingly raised sheep
  • Hand dyed in house with great care, we like to dye these with slight variegation so colors are not "solid"


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