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About Us

Living Felt Mission:


To inspire the creative genius within to help create a better quality of life for everyone, everywhere on the planet!


At Living Felt we believe that personal fulfillment and creative expression go hand-in-hand. We believe that these qualities are available to every living being, regardless of age, race, gender, personal history, education, location or physical abilities. We believe in the power of the human heart, the resilience and strength of the human spirit and the wisdom of God’s ever giving grace to provide every human being with purpose, vision and clarity.


Our mission is to serve the world with a positive, creative, sustainable, financially stable, integral and caring consciousness for the good of all humankind and all living creatures while maintaining responsible stewardship of our planet.


We commit to continuously strive to improve our methods, our packaging and our business practices to support this mission and we will only willingly or knowingly support or sell products that employ humane production practices for humans, animals and our beautiful planet.


At Living Felt, we are joyful and grateful to serve you and your personal expression in this manner and we wish you absolute success in every area of your life!

Happy Felting!

Our Goal is to:

  • Educate our customers and employees through positive healthy channels of communication, workshops, digital media, web and print.

  • Inspire our customers and employees to answer the creative calling within them.

  • Empower our customers and employees with great products, clear information and education, great value, fast and reliable shipping methods and exceptional customer service.

  • Encourage creativity and personal greatness by upholding and communicating a safe, friendly and positive environment for our customers, our employees, the planet and ourselves.

  • Connect meaningfully with others for through positive outreach and creative exchange.

YOU are Appreciated!

At Living Felt, your purchase supports other organizations who are also helping people live better lives. It helps women in business and it supports our small farms, workers, families and the environment...and we THANK YOU!

  • At Living Felt we donate a percentage of our profits every month to non-profit education and assistance providing women business training, small business development and small business loans.
  • We donate a percentage of our profits to our local Food bank.

  • We donate to The Red Cross and disaster relief.
  • Living Felt uses humane, cruelty-free wool. It is harder to get and it is more expensive but it is worth it in every way!

  • Even our locks come from small family owned farms who love, love, love their sheep and goats!

  • Our #1 MC-1 Living Felt Brand Felting Wool, and CW-1 Core wool comes only from U.S. Farms. It is processed and carded using a 'green' earth friendly soap that is non-toxic and pleasant to the nose! We do not 'carbonize' our wool to burn out vegetable matter, so little bits of hay may be present. This eco-friendly process costs us more, but we believe the added cost is worth it to everyone here, to our customers and their family, and to the planet!

  • Living Felt sells the only 'Green Soy' Felting foam and Professional Felting Mats. Our own design!

  • Our own Living Felt Earth Harmony 'Eco Friendlier Foam' has a drastically lower carbon imprint on the planet than standard foam and is environmentally stable. The benefit to maintain this standard far outweighs the alternative and is worth it to us and our customers! It does not contain any fire retardant agents.
  • Living Felt supports the arts and the felting community! We give away Gift Certificates 2-5 times each month.

  • Living Felt supports new artists. We work to help other artists and kit makers become established by introducing them to our customer base and by providing valuable feedback. Our greatest joy is to witness the success of another and to see the creative efforts come to fruition for our customers.

  • Living Felt support teachers and schools! We are all teachers and artists here at Living Felt and we understand what the realities are! We offer class discounts, teacher discounts, 4-H discounts, church discounts and free instructions where and when we can to help support the development of students creativity of all ages.

We want you to know that you are appreciated!

 Every time you support your creativity by shopping at Living Felt, you also support many USA families, women in business, artists, students, the environment and of course you support our mission as a company to provide creative inspiration, exceptional products, unsurpassed customer care and to top it all off, you help support for the creative genius in everyone! 

With our deepest gratitude we say, THANK YOU!!