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05-05-2021 Wet Felting Tutorial: Beginner Wet Felt Project

Beginner Wet Felting Tutorial
Easy wet felt project for beginners

Wet Felting Tutorial: Simple Beginner Wet Felt & Nuno Felt
This week we will take a simple approach to wet felting hand mad "felt"
to be used in mixed media  and sewing, and hand stitching projects.
We will use the ART BATTS we carded up on the last show along with the SILKY PAPERS
we made and even some handmade PREFELTs and some commercial prefelts along with SILK FABRICS.

This tutorial will help you understand the difference between wet felt and nuno felt,
and will also give beginners an easy way to felt up some gorgeous material for other craft projects.
This method would also be great for felting with kids.