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Thank you !!

Hi, to the person on the phone today [Rodney] and everyone else at Living Felt!


...A very nice person answered the phone a while ago when I called to ask about a package I received today from Living Felt. You see, I had placed and received my first order from your company a week or so ago. My original order was placed on July 7th I believe and as I said, I got anther package from Living Felt today. I opened it and found my original order was shipped again to me. So I called, unsure of what happened and what I should do (and if I had been charged again for this order). [Rodney] kindly explained that the company doesn't keep credit card info and that I was not charged a second time. [He] looked up my order-my order was double shipped and I could mail it back.....but a moment later, this very kind person asked me if I had any other needle felting friends (unfortunately, I don't)  and that I could KEEP THE PACKAGE (and give to a friend or keep for myself!!! ) [He] only asked in return, that I send pictures of my creation(s)! It's a deal!! Well, I was stunned! I couldn't quite believe I had heard her correctly! I can keep this??!!!


What business, especially a company that does not know me and whom I only know from searching google and the website, would be so generous and kind to a brand new customer?  Wow! I don't know of any....

I think that that was a wonderful gesture that certainly was not necessary but VERY MUCH UNEXPECTED AND APPROPRIATED!  I have to say, I am so grateful for the kindness and generosity of her and by extension, the company as a whole! Boy, talk about "packed with love, shipped with joy!" Well, how about "Wow, opened with pure joy, excitement and happiness"?


I read/watched the mission statement and pretty much everything on the website....Marie and Living Felt come off as very sincere, honest, artistic and creative. You seemed to have combined these elements into a sustainable business that is not just out for profit but for the entire process for all of us out here new and old to be creative and make this world just a little better with creative expressions in wool (and for the sheep and sheep keepers)! 


Today, I saw for myself, just how a business can be (hopefully) profitable to those in it and kind and fair (that go above and beyond) to it's customers, farmers, this earth and those wonderful sheep!


Thank you again for having and running a company with a (big) heart! I don't know many companies locally, never mind on the world wide web, that have and keep such high standards and treat their customers so well!


I'll be ordering more supplies tonight and you have a new customer for sure-and hopefully, I'll convince some friends to give this art form a try!! 


Again, thank you!! I hope this gets to Marie and especially to the woman I spoke to today! You made my Monday a great day! 




Dear Living Felt-

Thank you so much for the beautiful supplies I recieved from you (Nuno Felt deluxe scarf kit) as well as other wooly treats. 

I'd never created anything like that before but was dying to and your kit and excellent instructions and GORGEOUS materials made for a fun all-night experience!  (Once I started, I didn't want to stop!)

Thank you too for your excellent customer service.  I can sense you love your products and what you do as much as those who come to you for supplies.  There's nothing so special as sharing a passion for creativity...even with "strangers". 


I will most definitely be back...and back and back...!


With gratitude-

Mary Denmead

Marie, First I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your company. I am still amazed that I even tried needle felting and even more amazed at how much I love doing it. It's become a constant in my hectic business life and I am always anxious to get back to my little bears to finish them!

I also live in a pretty rural area and really get frustrated with the lack of resources for artists in the area and what materials we do have access to are very limited. The shipping time on your products have been spectacular so the waiting is minimal compared to some...I just placed an order for the Berries group and Blue group of felting batts. It's like Christmas everytime I order and wait for the box!
Thank you again so much for everything ...

...first project: a sweet bird mobile for a new baby... I got myself to Joann's as hurriedly as I could and nearly fell out at how expensive a quarter of an ounce of roving was going to cost, and I needed a lot more than that. I was a bit discouraged that my new hobby was over before it began because I couldn't afford it. Sad day in the life of a stay-at-home-crafting-to-keep-sane-because-I-live-in-the-woods-and-camp-is-starting-mama. And now I wouldn't be able to make my mobile.

I pulled myself out of that close call with defeat and went home to do some more research online...And that's when I found these fine folks, Living Felt. I quickly and easily found what I wanted and needed to get started at extremely fair prices. I spent about $30 and got a lot of variety of wool and colors...where at J's it would have cost me almost three times that for the same amount.

Not to mention my order was shipped that same day with a sweet hand-written note from the company.

then, just today, I got an email from them checking in to make sure I am enjoying my order and lending their assistance if I have any questions. They are good people, making sure they provide folks with the best product from humane practices... I will definitely continue to order from them...

"Dear Marie & Gang:
I've just received my most recent order.  Thank you for the box of raw joy.
The reason I am writing to you is to tell you that LIVING FELT and ALL of you are Awesomely Awesome.  Truly a pleasure to do business with. 
Also, I'd especially like to send a special shout out to all you Sheep who generously produce such beautiful wools. "  


" Hi Folks

Thanks so much for the wonderful service, and the wools are amazing.  Very different from what I have been using here in NZ.  I like variety in my work, so I am constantly looking for new fibres and colour blends! "
Thanks so much!

New Zealand

"I placed my 1st order, with Living Felt, on Monday.    Received my shipment today!!!  That's 2 DAYS to Michigan!  
Very pleased by shipping time & I particularly like the Specialty Designer kits I ordered. 
I will surely be ordering again."
Thank you, Margaret (Maggie) Peterson

" Dear Living Felt,

I purchased three kits last week and I received the day before yesterday (very fast!).  I have been looking for some kind of craft making for long time (many years), and I could not find one I liked.  Then, I found one I liked (love at first site). 
I called you and the person who handled my order through the phone was very nice and helpful.  I also looked at the instruction movies at your web site (very helpful).  Anyway, I made a first bear and I love him.  I am looking forward to making many more.  I would like to appreciate your wonderful information and would like to send my first bear picture.  I finally found what I really love to do.  Thank you very much. "


Kinuyo Kraus
Vicksburg, MS

" Please see the attached photos of a Gnome Tree Sculpture I created using Living Felt Wool and Armatures (I have always bought all of my felting supplies from Living Felt - I have never found anyone else that has the selection you have)...
After twisting armatures into a tree shape, I stapled it to a wood plague. The rest of the sculpture is 100% needle felted"


Melinda Cunningham
Natures Adornments


" I just received my first order from you.  I used to have my own fiber store in NY.  I ran it after leaving my full time teaching job to raise my 2 kids.  I returned to work 2 years ago and have just placed my first "retail" order for wool in long time (after finally going through much of my huge stash!) 
I just want to say that I am so happy with the quality of your product, attention to detail, use of recycled materials, and shipping speed. 
Thanks!  It was hard to pay "retail" for wool after having my own shop.  But I feel like I got my money's worth from your business.  Thanks and have a great day :)"

Jennifer Marshall
Grand Canyon School
IB World School

" Here's some Little Teddy Bears I made with the needle felting wool.
I love those merino cross battssoo much I may never buy another kind again! they are really awesome. I really felts up very fast"


Gypsyheart Art: From my hands to your heart

" Thank you again for the great service...and for your willingness to work with me as I try to find additional resources for the residency here in Pennsylvania. I'll be sure to take good pictures of the process as the high school students approach the needle felting process. Dragons will never be the same!!!

I'll send shots as they work - peace to you all, and continued success. For now, 

God's peace to you and all at Living Felt."

Jenni Bateman

"I've NEVER done needle felting before ( I'm a potter for most of the time) !!

So, thank you for the chance with free pattern, to have a go. Thought you may like to see my first attempt. It took me about 8hrs. Your instructions were very good...I'm sure that when I do another one...it won't take me so long. It was good practice for shaping; sharpening edges and feathering others; adding/blending colours."

Many thanks,

" Dear Living Felt,

I just received my merino wool goody bag and merino white wool batting and all I can say is “Wow”!  I have been wet felting with Romney/cross wool and have been struggling.  This is a dream.  I am in love with merino wool.  And, I really appreciate the quickness of the order.  You have another life long customer!  And I will be telling all to purchase their wool from your company.  Thank you so much for everything. "

With much appreciation and excitement,

Lori Kompa

" These were my first creationsand now I am addicted. You have a great website. Thanks for sharing all kinds of fun ideas with everyone.
Have a great day! "
Lisa Graham

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my shipment in a very short time and an extremely pleased with the felting supplies I purchased from Living Felt.
I just wanted to say thanks and that I will definitetly be ordering my felt supplies from your company in the future!" 
thanks again, 
Maura Walsh

"I love the soy mats more than words can say.
Everything that I have needled felted has been made on them and I have hooked everyone I know who felts on them."
Viola Heibert  April 2010

Hi Marie,
I just got my first felting needles and wool, and this is what I started off with, the flower then the frog.
It is so much fun I love it!!!!!!!

"I am interested in purchasing (more wool) for another Santa Doll Kit. I have your wonderful CD and would love to make another.... I totally enjoyed making this doll and got many compliments.
I have told others of your website and how helpful you have been to me."
Susan Dozier

" Marie... I love Living Felt. The products are great and the responsive service I've received in my short time as a customer is even better.
I have several friends who saw my projects and wanted to try needle felting themselves. I sent them your way."
...These are some of my beginner's attempts at needle felting..."

Kathy W.


Thanks so much for the awesome green soy needle felting foam!! Everyone needs to buy one of these! My regular foam was looking pretty bad so when I bought this it was a blessing! "

Thanks again,


" Hi Marie, This is a book mark I whipped together this evening with some of the new roving I just got from The Living Felt.  It was a very simple, and easy project especially for new beginners such as myself.

The sky is the limit with a book mark because you can make it your own, and they make wonderful inexpensive gifts for friends and family. :) "

Peace & Love

"Thank YOU for your well organized process for ordering. 
You are talking to the right person about recycling, repurposing, redesigning, reusing, etc."
Columbus School For Girls

" Hi Marie :)
Here is a little project I did using your merino cross quick felt batts in a couple of my favourite shades!

A trio of nesting Matryoshka dolls, wet and needle felted. The largest stands approx. 3" tall.
Made to be loved and played with!

Lori Campbell

"Hi Marie-
I was going to have surgery on my foot that would leave me non-weight bearing for six weeks, so I picked up a felting kit at my local wool shop. 
I enjoyed it so much that I started looking online for more.  That is when I found Living Felt and the Heirloom Santa.  I fell in love with him.  So, I ordered the full kit and the rest is history. 
I am hooked.  Thank you for producing such a wonderful kit and felting class."
Paige Joyner
Thank you for all the supplies you keep sending to me for my very addicting habit!

These are my most recent creations.  I wish I could take credit for the entire concept, but I got the idea for egg people from http://www.etsy.com/shop/asherjasper

Your selection is great! and thank you for always sending everything so quickly!

Have a great day,

Shawn Straub

" ...This was my first needle felting project ever and I just put the finishing touches on it last night. The materials I purchased from your online store were fabulous to work with and I plan to order again.

Thank you for your advice on this project..."


Hilary Lindsey