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Seamless Felted Clothing-Book 1 PATTERN MAKING - PDF DOWNLOAD
Pattern Making for Wet Felting Clothing

Seamless Felted Clothing-Book 1 PATTERN MAKING - PDF DOWNLOAD

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Book 1-Pattern Making - This book details how to make personalized patterns for felt clothing. Felt samples are made using a favorite felting technique and translate those samples into a custom template, pattern and resist. A discussion of how to measure the human body properly for a custom fit is included. A simple pattern for an A-line top is made and ready for use. Many designs can be made from the basic pattern.
61 pages with written instructions, diagrams, color photos and excellent worksheets.
With a background in garment making, Kathy Hays brings her skills to feltmaking and shows you how to get a perfect fitting felted top, tunic, dress or vest. Her step-by-step instructions and worksheets will ensure you create a garment that fits the way you want it to, and will give you expert instruction on saving your patterns, design  and discoveries for future projects.
This e-book / felting tutorial will educate and empower you!

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Seamless Felted Clothing-Book 1 PATTERN MAKING

Table of Contents:

Forward ______________________________________________________________5

Chapter 1 Introduction___________________________________________________ 7

Chapter 2 Materials______________________________________________________9

Chapter 3 Sample Making ________________________________________________10

Chapter 4 Shrinkage _____________________________________________________14

Chapter 5 How to take Measurements_______________________________________19

Chapter 6 Determining Ease_______________________________________________33

Chapter 7 Making the Template____________________________________________35

Chapter 8 Making the Pattern and Resist for A-Line Top or Dress_________________46

Chapter 9 Conclusion____________________________________________________ 52

About the Author________________________________________________________53


*You will want basic wet felting tools for this project:

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