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Paverpol Fabric Hardener

Paverpol Fabric Hardener

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Part Number:Paverpol Fabric Hardener - 250ml
Paverpol Fabric Hardener - Make your felted sculptures rock hard!
  • 250ml liquid fabric hardener
  • Paint or dip your needle felted pieces to make them rock hard
  • Paverpol dries in a few hours but will continue to harden for up to 2 weeks (depending on thickness)
  • Dries transparent, use it on colored wool or add pigment.
  • For your needle felted sculptures...paint it on the wool! Great for bird feet, beaks, claws, etc that are wool needle feted over wire.
  • For making wet felted sculptures hard and weather resistant..paint it on !
  • YES - this will change the hand/texture of your wool greatly (not intended as a hat stiffener)
  • Tools and hands will wash up with warm water. 
Paverpol adheres to almost all materials, except plastic. And unlike most hardeners, it does NOT deteriorate polystyrene foam. Finished projects become hardened without any additions, and like any other outdoor objects, will benefit from a coat of outdoor varnish, especially if  painted with acrylic paints or in a high-humidity area where mildew is a problem. It is easy to wash off hands with warm water and is the first product of its type to have earned the AP seal, making it suitable for artists of all ages. 

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