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Needle Felting a Hedgehog Tutorial - PRINT
Easy Beginner Kit for Needle Felting a Dog!

Needle Felting a Hedgehog Tutorial - PRINT

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Baby Hedgehog "Little Pokey"

Learn how to needle felt little hedgehogs
 - No experience required -

Experience Level: Absolute Beginner
This is a simple project that will help you gain basic experience in the building blocks for sculpting wool. We encourage you to read through each step a few times before beginning. We also have some free videos, including our "Basic Building Blocks" needle felting video that will be helpful for beginners.  

Experiment with  different felting needle sizes to see how they function, each has a different strength. Try to needle felt your pieces so they are firm and without needle marks showing.

Time Required:
From start to finish, anticipate about 2-3 hours per hedgehog. Time required for assembly and detail work will vary from person to person, but plan for at least a few hours when you are just starting.

Needle felted hedgehogs are fun and easy with our tutorial. Step-by-step photos will walk you through this fun needle felting hedgehogs every step of the way!

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