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Needle Felting A Character Doll Workshop Kit

Needle Felting A Character Doll Workshop Kit

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Needle Felting a Character Doll Workshop Kit with CD
Create a needle felted doll that you can pose
Beginners Welcome! (you'll do great!!)

Self-paced, Start When ever You Like, Videos Play on Your Computer (not DVD)
Instructions on CD that you can print ... tons of photos and clear directions take you step-by-step!


You'll be amazed at how easy it is to needle felt a fun and expressive doll with needle felting.

In this fun,selfpaced workshop you will learn how to design and create
a sitting or free-standing needle felted doll that is sure to become a favored
treasure and to bring tons of smiles to all who see it.

You will learn Marie's techniques for creating life-like eyes, graceful yet strong necks and poseable hands.
In this workshop, you will learn how to create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

By learning needle felting techniques and methods, you will see your doll spring to life right in front of your eyes.

In each stage, you will couple these techniques with your own divine inspiration to create an artful and interesting work of art that is uniquely your own.

You will get step-by-step instruction on sculpting in wool, creating expressive faces and features, creating a poseable body shape.

Module 1 - Basic Shapes

This module is needed to sculpt the head, body for our kit doll, and to learn the basic techniques we will use throughout our doll sculpting adventure. Just a few techniques can create so much!


Module 2 - Creating the Body on Wire Armature Many teachers offer doll class with armature, and this is just a basic introduction to my method which I developed while creating polymer dolls. It makes a strong body, and strong, elegant necks.
Module 3 - Sculpting the Face: Nose

Creating the face – Sculpting the nose…your doll’s “centerpiece”!


Module 4 - Sculpting the Face: Eyes
Creating the face – Sculpting the eyes…the window’s to the soul of your doll.
Module 5 - Sculpting the Face: Cheeks & Mouth Creating laughing, happy cheeks and expressive eyes.
Module 6 - Sculpting the Ears

Sculpting realistic ears with just a few rolls and tucks!


Module 7 - Dressing: Sculpting the Boots and Pants Dressing our doll for his travels.
Module 8 - Dressing: Sculpting the Torso and Shirt Dressing our doll and adding character to his mid-section.
Module 9 - Sculpting the Hands Sculpting the hands in 100% wool or using a wire armature for posable hands. Hands should be attached before head is attached.
Module 10 - Attaching the Head and Sculpting the Neck Posing the head, sewing in place and sculpting the neck
Module 11 - Adding Hair and Beard + Final Touches Learn how to root the hair and add finishing touches to your felted doll!


This project uses written instruction, photographs and video support to bring you step-by-step, detailed instruction.

Since the class is self-paced, you will also get one-on-one support via email for your specific needs and questions.
And perhaps best of all....we offer a complete kit containing everything you need to make your needle felted Santa!

*IMPORTANT RETURN NOTICE ABOUT THIS ITEM* Certain restrictions apply. *Please see our policy on Digital Media returns: Click Here 

We are commited to your 100% satisfaction and felting success.
We will provide techinical support for opening files, playing videos and saving them to your computer as well as felting tips, tricks, support and persoanl guidance.

We encourage you to ask any pertininet or clarifying questions you may have prior to purchase. We are here to help you succeed in your felting project and we look forward to seeing your unique finished art doll!

Thank You!

Marie Spaulding began teaching needle felting techniques online in 2004. Her company LIVING FELT was the first to publish full-color kits and booklets with step-by-step instructions for needle felting in 3-D.

Marie Spaulding has been featured on the DIY network -Uncommon Threads, published in Designer Needlefelting by Lark Books and is the founder of Living Felt, The Felting Forum and How To Felt.

Never before has Marie taught her doll making techniques online or in person, but in 2009, she wanted to do something special for her birthday, so she began sharing her needle felted art doll techniques to raise funds for her favorite non-profit organization. Since the launch of her art doll kit in March of 2009, more and more people have been requesting doll kits.


"Your instructional CD was a wonderful inspiration! There were so many great tips and helpful suggestions in addition to the easy-to-follow directions. I’m so happy that I tried this! Thanks, Marie!! "

Judy Taylor Woody, Richmond, TX

"Your videos are great. They are very clear and well done. Thanks so much for adding these to your class."

Maurine Adrezine


Kit includes everything you need to create a complete character doll. You will have the option to choose from color combinations after enrollment.
The kit is only available with workshop enrollment.

Kit includes:
- Wool for doll face and body
- Wool for clothes: shirt, pants and boots
- Detail pack for realistic eyes and facial accents
- Locks for hair
- Wire armature for creating a posable body
- 6 Felting Needles, two of each size: 36, 38 star, 40 triangle
- 1 Doll Needle
- Waxed floss and thread
- 10x7 foam pad
- Full color, printable instruction on CD + videos

CLASS CD: You'll receive 11 image-packed modules taking you step by step through creating a needle felted Santa.

Plus! Video support tutorials for extra support - The videos play on your PC (not DVD)

SELF-PACED. All class information is viewable on your computer and printable.


*More information:

Skill Level - Beginner to Intermediate
We take a basic approach to needle felting, you will learn what we consider the basic building blocks which will empower you to create your own masterpieces by learning a few basic sculpting skills. Then we will build on the basics for the detail that will make your doll come to life!

One of my favorite things about sculptural felting is that you never have to repeat yourself. We'll show you unique techniques for creating truly one of a kind dolls.

You will receive the classes and videos on CD. Only basic computer skills are required. You should be able to download a file and save it to your computer. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader, which is probably already on your computer. If you don't have this, you can download it here.

You will also want the ability to play video with sound on your computer.

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