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Natural Icelandic Locks - Natural White

Natural Icelandic Locks - Natural White

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Natural Icelandic Fleece - Natural White 
  • This Icelandic fleece is mostly white with some variegated grays, a bit on the coarse side and wild!
  • Icelandic fleece -- in the lock. Pulls apart easily!
  • Use it for adding texture and surface design to your felt art, for animal fur or pelt, for doll hair or beards, horse mains, animal tails, gnome beards, etc
  • Length various, but on average this fleece has a medium to long staple
  • U.S.A. Farm raised sheep
  • Sold in 1 oz increments

Separate by grabbing the lock tip. 
These locks may contain some light vegetable matter "vm" which can be shaken, picked or flicked out.


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