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Natural Cotswold White Locks
Natural White Locks For Art Dolls and Creative Expansion.

Natural Cotswold White Locks

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Natural Cotswold White Locks
 Dreamier than ever Lustrous locks from a Grand Champion!
  • 1/2 oz. bag of Natural Cotswold White Locks. This fiber is washed clean. They are excellent for Santa Beards And Hair, Miniatures or caricature Dolls.
  • Average Staple Length (lock length): 3" - 5"
  • These locks  have been carefully separated and hand-washed.
  • Use it for adding texture and surface design to your felt art, for santa beards, animal fur or pelt, for doll hair or beards on dolls, gnomes, etc.
  • U.S.A. Farm raised sheep
  • While Supplies Last!

    Perfect for original creations and surface design.

*Cotswold is a naturally white to golden fleece. Some locks may have a slightly golden hue or golden tips. These locks may contain some light vegetable matter "vm" which can be shaken, picked or flicked out, but they are very clean!