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Natural Alpaca Locks - Remy - White

Natural Alpaca Locks - Remy - White

On sale $2.25
Natural Alpaca Fleece -- White - REMY
  • This Fleece is from a local Alpaca herd
  • Cria Alpaca - Named Remy. His fleece is white and pretty, but he picked up more vegetable matter (VM) than his brothers this year -- so his fleece is discounted
  • It cards up into a beautiful cloud -- shake or pick out the VM
  • Length of staple is short at just a few inches and will work great for needle felting small animals with long fur
  • U.S.A. Farm raised Alpaca, local
  • Sold in 1 oz increments

We hand select our locks & fleeces. These are first tumbled to remove dust and VM, then hand washed in an eco-friendly soap and dried in the Texas Sun.
There are 8 Alpaca in this littler herd, we bought fleeces from 7 this year. 

Remy = White
Radio = Lightest Gray - Some White
Bernie = Light Gray
Ollie = Mediium Gray
Romeo = Reddish Brown (definitely the lover in the group :)
Rollo = Very Dark Brown with some sun bleached tips
Bartholomew = Black (he's the boss of everyone :)