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MC-1™    Fairy Tale Pumpkin

MC-1™ Fairy Tale Pumpkin

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1oz SPECIALTY BATT: FAIRY TALE PUMPKIN --  while supplies last

  • Brand New for 2017!! Our NEW FAIRY TALE PUMPKIN is carded in house!
  • MC-1 Batts with a bit of BLING! Tussah Silk, Bamboo, Nepps and Angelina for Sparkle

  • The "bling" is in the top most layer -- save this for the outside/top of your projects!
  • 4oz is the largest size of a single batt. MC-1 is generally sold in 2oz increments, price is per  1oz

  • As these are made in small batches, we are blending a certain amount each week and will take them off the site when we run out of current stock.

    *Sourced and Made in the U.S.A. The wool in our MC-1 Batts are from sheep raised on U.S. Farms, supporting the American farmer.

    BIO-PROCESSED: This Living Felt wool was processed and washed using a bio-degradable Eco-Friendly GREEN soap and green process. NO harsh chemicals are used, and the wool is not carbonized. Small amounts of vegetable matter in the wool is common and to be expected.

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