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Lincoln Natural Sheep Locks - Lamb Gray

Lincoln Natural Sheep Locks - Lamb Gray

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Natural Sheep's Locks, Washed Fleece - Gray/Variegated - LAMB LOCKS
  • These beautiful locks are from twin ewes, one took home the Best In Show
  • Average Staple Length (lock length): 3" - 4"
  • A nice sheen to these locks!
  • These locks  have been carefully separated and hand-washed with an environmentally friendly soap
  • Use it for adding texture and surface design to your felt art, for animal fur or pelt, for doll hair or beards on dolls, gnomes, etc.
  • 1/2 oz bag
  • U.S.A. Farm raised sheep
  • **While Supplies Last!

    Looking good and feeling fine! These two sister's 1st shearing
    brings you wonderful curls. One of them won BEST IN SHOW,
    but both fleeces look equally beautiful and look the same.

Separate by grabbing the lock tip. 
Locks may contain some light vegetable matter "vm" which can be shaken, picked or flicked out.