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Flowers in Felt & Stitch

Flowers in Felt & Stitch

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Art in Felt & Stitch: Creating Beautiful Works of Art
Author: Moy Mackay

ISBN: 9781844485635
Cover: soft

*LIVING FELT -- If you are looking for a book with clear imagery and how to felt pictures and landscapes, this is the book for you! We cannot recommend Moy's books highly enough.

In this visually stunning book, Moy Mackay reveals how you too can create beautiful pictures using felt. Characterised by her wonderful use of colour, Moy’s work is breathtaking and includes still-lifes, animals and landscapes inspired by the dramatic scenery of the Scottish Borders where she lives and works.

Moy Mackay's colorful and charismatic "felt paintings" are a fusion of traditional felting techniques and fine art, using fleece, fibres and threads to create inspiring and uplifting works of art.

Flowers in Felt and Stitch contains vibrant galleries of Moy's work as well as detailed fabulous step-by-step projects.  The focus of the book is flowers - in still life, in the landscape and as botanical portraits - and it also includes an in-depth techniques section showing how to create a range of different flower and leaf shapes.

The sequel to the hugely successful Art in Felt and Stitch, this book delves deeper into Moy Mackay's unique, colorful style, giving readers inspiration, advice and a complete guide to her felting and stitching processes.

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