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Dye Pipette - 10 Pack
colorhue instant set silk dyes, set of 6

Dye Pipette - 10 Pack

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Plastic Pipettes for Dyeing

  • Apply or measure dye with the pipette
  • Plastic droppers are super safe..no worry about breakage!
  • Rinse and re-use, or recycle!

FREE DIY Scrunch Dye Silk Scarf --  PDF DOWNLOAD

Colorhue dyes: Textile dyes are coloring agents that bond with the fibers of your fabric. They are soluble in water and will not effect the feel of the fabric. COLORHUE instant-set silk dyes are true coloring agents that penetrate  the fibers of your silk.

Colorhue dyes are fantastic liquid dyes that work best on silks. They come concentrated. Simply mix with water. No steaming is necessary.

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